The Secrets to Natural Family Interaction
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
By Sandy Puc'
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The Mom of the family you are about to shoot steps out the car exhausted, frazzled, and already giving her 12 year son the evil eye. The Dad looks as if he can’t wait to get this thing over with and the younger kids are ornery about the crisp new clothes they were forced into. Lucky you. You get the easy job of creating gorgeous, fun, happy family photos to be treasured for the next 50 years with a family that doesn’t want to be near each other for 5 minutes. As a photographer I’ve been in this situation on numerous occasions. The hours leading up to a family photo shoot can be super stressful for the family. Mom wants everything perfect…the hair, the outfits, everything. And Dad usually just wants to close his eyes and get the whole ordeal over with. But even if your session is starting out under these less-than-ideal circumstances, it’s doesn’t have to continue that way. You can still pull out outstanding photos. 

It’s all about knowing how to control the situation. Knowing what to say to get everyone on board. And knowing how to interact with the family so that they will know how to interact with each other. In the video below I have the answers to all these secrets and more. Say no to mediocre interaction! And start saying yes to natural, happy, and loving interaction that will carry over to your photos.


Please share your own secrets to natural family interaction. We can never have too many tricks up our sleeves! And as always, let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy.

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