The Madonna Posing Guide by Sandy Puc'
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Wednesday, June 05, 2013
By Sandy Puc'
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sam Today I want to take a minute to feature another great posing guide. For newer photographers, this is a wonderful tool to help you create stunning images and a smoother, more organic session. If you do newborn photography, this guide can really help reduce the chances of having a session with few sell-able images, no matter how fussy the baby may be. It walks you through the key poses that you want to hit first and then leaves you with the freedom to try some new, more difficult poses (I call them miracle poses).     The madonna session is usually held in the first week of life and always turns out to be the most profitable session of the baby's first year. So make the most of this by creating dynamic memories that your clients will want to display in their homes and share with their family and friends via birth announcements, timeline graphics and beyond. Here's just a sample of the guide, which is available in a convenient pdf format on Get it Here!

I hope this posing guide helps you find a good structure to build your own unique style upon. As you become more and more comfortable with the poses you will find that they are a great staple to work off of and they ensure a successful session time and time again.

Until next time,

Sandy Puc'

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