Let’s Get Organized – Part 3
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Wednesday, March 06, 2013
By Sandy Puc'
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“Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter,

saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.” 

~Christina Scalise

Hey everyone!  We are finally to the end of the three part series – Let’s Get Organized.  I hope that you have found the last two articles helpful and that you are on your way organizing and planning your marketing strategies.

As I have mentioned before, I joined SPU at its inception and have accumulated quite a few years of marketing campaigns, birthday cards, overlays, brushes and other assorted art products.

Overwhelming?  You bet it is!

But over the years, I have found ways to keep the photography campaigns and art products organized so I am not constantly searching for something I need.  Now, there are many ways that this can be done.  In fact, if you are a SPU member, you have access to the photographer’s forum and there are quite a few threads on organizing your files.  The following is what is working for me.

On my external hard drive, I have a main folder titled “SPU”.   Within this main file, I have sub-files that are titled the following: 

  • Marketing

  • 2013 Campaigns

  • Artwork

  • Studio Marketing Samples

  • Captured Moments studio Marketing

  • Favorites

    Marketing Subfolder

    In this folder we have, yes, more subfolders.  Every year I start a new folder with the date. So I have folders titled:  Marketing 2009, Marketing 2010, etc.  At the beginning of the month, when I download all the campaigns, this is where they go.  I also have another folder titled On-going Campaigns.  In this folder, I place the senior, baby, weddings, engagement, etc.  material that I download.

    2013 Campaigns

    Since I don’t use every photography marketing piece that I download, I use this file to store the current and future campaigns that are part of my marketing calendar.   As I mentioned in part one, I run two kinds of marketing campaigns – seasonal and ongoing.


    Here is where the downloaded artwork is place.  I have subfolders that include: Birthday cards, timelines, templates, holiday cards, backgrounds, etc. 

    Studio Marketing Samples

    This is where I keep all the art pieces that focus on my studio.  I have newsletters, business cards, bookmarks, studio information cards, worksheets and everything else that is related to the running of the business.


    Captured Moments Studio Marketing

    Once again, I don’t use all the studio marketing pieces that I download.  Anything that I am currently using goes in this folder.



    Every once in a while, I will fall in love with the look and design of a campaign; but the content itself may not fit into what I am currently doing.  Or, it’s a campaign that I might be interested in running in the future.  All these type of marketing pieces go into this folder.  For example, in the first installment of this series, I shared with you an example of my dance studio marketing pieces.  The marketing pieces came from the 2012 Renaissance Campaign.


    This ends our series on getting the marketing component in our businesses organized.   In future articles, I will be sharing how all of this is applied to marketing my photography studio.



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